2018 VCFM Rules and Guidelines

2018 VCFM Rules & Guidelines
IMPORTANT: Ventnor City Farmers’ Market has adopted a NO PLASTIC policy for its 2018 market season. Vendors are required to provide paper or cardboard vessels for their products. Customers will be asked to bring their own reusable bags and VCFM will sell bags for a nominal fee.


Dates: The Market will run every Friday beginning on May 25 and ending on August 31. The market managers will make every effort to open the market, but may need to cancel market day if weather poses a safety issue for vendors and visitors.

: The Market will be open for business from 8:30 am to 12 noon. Vendors may arrive as early as 7:00 am to be ready for customers by 8:15 am. Cleanup must be completed by 12:30 pm. We will have a team of volunteers to help you unload, set up your tent and tables, and help you break them down at closing.

: The Market is being held outside on the grounds adjacent to Holy Trinity Parish located at 6415 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor, NJ 08406.

Farm products should be harvested no more than 48 hours before being offered for sale at the market. Farmers are permitted to bring produce from neighboring New Jersey farms. Vendors must disclose all products they intend to sell. It’s expected that specialty foods are handcrafted by the vendor and must be prepared in a commercial kitchen.

Vendor Types
Agricultural: These are local farmers that produce and/or grow one or more of the following products: fruit, vegetables, plants (annuals, perennials, herbs) cut flowers, dairy products, farm raised meat, seafood, and eggs. Farm products should be harvested no more than 48 hours before being offered for sale at the market. Farmers are permitted to bring produce from neighboring New Jersey farms.

Specialty Food
Food Vendors must take an active part in making/baking the majority of the items they plan to sell. Products sold by food vendors include items for on and offsite consumption including, but not limited to: baked goods, coffee, refreshments, jams, jellies, salsas, dips, honey, etc. All specialty food products must be prepared in a commercial kitchen. Vendors selling prepared foods shall prepare and serve foods in accordance with all applicable Federal, State, and local health regulations. All foods and beverages sold or used in food preparation shall be first quality and conform in all respects to Federal, State and local food and other laws, ordinances and regulations.

Non-Food Craft Vendors:
ffer their own handcrafted wares. Preference will be given to items with a beach theme, food theme, or those made from locally-sourced materials.
Applications: Vendor applications are currently being accepted. If approved, full payment is due by March 1, 2018.
There are 3 ways to submit an application:
1) Print and postal mail to the address below.
2) Print/Scan then email to ventnorcityfarmersmarket@gmail.com
3) Submit the online form on our web site: ventnorcityfarmersmarket.com/agricultural-applications/
Fees: the seasonal fee for 15 weeks:
– 10’ x 10’ location: $225
– each additional 10’ x 10’ space: $150
– Food trucks: $250
– per day for Pop-Up Vendors: $25
Please make checks payable to: VCFM
mail to:
Ventnor City Farmers Market
C/O Ventnor City Hall
6201 Atlantic Avenue
Ventnor, NJ 08406
If you have any questions, feel free to contact market managers:
Penni Starer, Andy Starer, and Maria Gatta
Email: ventnorcityfarmersmarket@gmail.com
Phone: 484-343-3147


Vendor Space: Each vendor will be assigned a space roughly 10’ x 10’ feet. All spaces are located outside. Vendors are responsible for bringing all tables, chairs, canopies, tents, tent weights, or umbrellas and equipment. For the safety of vendors and patrons, every vendor using a tent must procure and use tent weights with a minimum of 25 pounds per tent pole. No vendor will be permitted to sell without the required tent weights. Ample parking is available for vendor vehicles.

Required Forms:
All vendors are required to submit the following items by May 1, 2018:
– Certificate of liability insurance (see explanation below)
– Certificate of motor vehicle liability insurance (see explanation below)
– A signed, Hold Harmless Agreement

: All vendors are required to have $500,000/$1,000,000 liability and motor vehicle liability insurance, with the following three entities named as insureds:
VCFM, Inc.
City of Ventnor
Holy Trinity Parish


Vendors are required to attain a Mobile Retail Food License and appropriate Atlantic County health/business licenses
Mobile Retail Food License
: The Atlantic County Division of Public Health requires all mobile retail food vendors to submit an application to their department prior to participating in a special/temporary event or vending in any municipality within the County (except Atlantic City). A “Mobile Retail Food 016310\0001\14470988.1 Establishment” means any movable restaurant, truck, van trailer, cart, bicycle, watercraft, or other movable unit including hand carried, portable containers in or which food or beverage is transported, stored, or prepared for retail sale or given away at temporary locations. The appropriate applications can be found online:
If you have any questions, please call the Atlantic County Division of Public Health 609-645-5971 and speak with
Jill Miles (ext.4367) or Mark Vetter (ext.4382).

Regulations & Licenses
: Vendors are responsible for compliance with applicable municipal, county, state and federal regulations, such as (but not limited to): agricultural business license; pesticide licensing and safe use; approval seal of the New Jersey Office of Weights and Measures on all scales; State sales tax collected and reported as required; organic certification on claimed products as required; food safety, sanitation, health permits and labeling requirements pertaining to the items for sale; State inspection of nursery stock required for selling whole plants for replanting; (packs or pots). Applicable regulations must be complied with, or a vendor will be removed from the list of eligible vendors.

Vendor Conduct
: Vendors should present themselves in an appropriate manner, dress, and state of cleanliness. Shirts must be worn. Vendors are required to completely clean up the area around their designated space before leaving the Market each day after closing time. Their area is to be left “broom swept” and free of debris and all trash must be removed by the vendor. Vendors not complying with this provision may be asked not to return to the market without a refund. We ask that vendors refrain from cigarette smoking during market hours or in the market area.